Kira Sharkie - Owner/Photographer.


Light chaser, coffee addict, cactus collector, dog lover and art appreciator. 

Graduating from RMIT in 2014 with a Diploma in photo imaging has been the ultimate platform to launch myself into the photography industry. During my course I was able to learn a lot of skills and techniques with studio equipment, camera settings, lighting and editing software. Since completing my studies these skills have really defined my work flow and style, especially with photoshop and shooting at different locations. I have worked as a freelance photographer and for a few companies photographing studio portraits, events, families, school portraits and weddings. I've also been very fortunate to travel interstate and overseas with my work and will continue to pursue other opportunities.  

I love my job! I am grateful to the universe for being able to wake up and look forward to my day.

From a young age, I have been surrounded by creative people and beautiful landscapes. And I have always been inspired and encouraged by my parents. As a child, I was always playing music, drawing, painting and making up imaginary play. Little did I know I would still be making up imaginary places only now I’m inspired to create magical images through photography. I love expressing my ideas through

surrealism, which gives me a lot of joy making my thoughts come alive. I often use myself as a subject for these projects because as the great Feminist artist Frida Kahlo once said, “I paint self-portraits because I am the person I know best.”


*Frida Kahlo inspired self portrait below*


I thoroughly enjoy photographing people in various situations such as capturing head shots of a musician or a corporate client, a beautiful couple on their wedding day or your best friend's 21st birthday party. I’m currently putting my focus and energy towards photographing more weddings. It would give me great pleasure to capture the essence and memorable moments of your wedding which you will treasure always.

As your wedding photographer, I have a responsibility to capture all your magical moments and have fun with you along the way. I cannot think of anything else I'd rather document than the connection between two devoted people. My aim is to capture all your spontaneous moments, the funny and emotional speeches, the proud faces of family members and the spark between the two of you. 


Throughout my five dedicated years to working as a professional photographer, I have been rewarded with some incredible photographic opportunities with various organisations including the International Women's Development Agency, The Global Women's Project and Ngangganwili Aboriginal Health Service. One of these experiences took me all the way to the small town of Wiluna in central Western Australia. I received funding from the Ngangganwili Aboriginal Health Service (NAHS) to document the people and the environment in Wiluna for the Breaking the Cycle project. Lesley, my lovely Grandmother is a social worker for NAHS and they invited me to come across to assist with their project. For the two weeks I was there, I experienced ‘going bush’ with the Martu women,  yarned with them and listened to their stories, organised family photo shoots, spent time with kids doing recreational activities and documented their community life to show what amazing spirit they all have.


A little more about Kira. 

I am a creative soul who enjoys the simple pleasures of life such the morning sun trickling in through the blinds, the smell of nature after it has rained, holding a hot cup of coffee in my hands on a cold day and listening to some soft jazz while indulging in a glass of wine in my backyard. I love to visit my family in Lakes Entrance and take photographs of my little sister who is definitely not camera shy, she has been a wonderful subject to photograph. I am down to earth, friendly, bubbly, professional and trusting. I love what I do and I hope I can share my passion with you to produce life long memories you will value always.